Biosafe 20L (Dangerous Goods)


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Biosafe is an extremely safe cleaner

Biosafe is a very effective cleaner for equipment, sensitive materials and vehicles. Thanks to the combination of powerful cleaning agents and special corrosion inhibitors, Biosafe is ideal for all corrosion sensitive surfaces (e.g. aluminum, copper, zinc, …).

Biosafe is not only safe but multifunctional. It can be applied in farms, hatcheries but also on vehicles and farm vehicles. It has very good cleaning properties and will let your vehicle shine like never before. This product is based on the latest cleaning technology making it highly efficient.

— First soak with water
— Dilution: 2-5%
— Apply Biosafe at min. 40 bar (580 psi) with a foam lance with cold water
— Contact time: minimum 15 minutes (depending on the degree of pollution)
— Rinse with high pressure (min.40 bar