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1200 wipes per pack

UKAL-TOWEL are antiseptic pre-soaked wipes for udder wash, used as a pre-milking teat preparation, that aid in the prevention and control of mastitis in dairy cattle by reducing the bacterial population on teats and udders.

Directions For Use;

For use as pre-milking teat preparation, for best results, the teats should be free of heavy dirt. Strip each teat.

Pull out a UKAL-TOWEL wipe from the container. When the perforation appears, give a snap sideways to separate from the next wipe.

Use one single UKAL-TOWEL per cow. To clean, wipe each teat for 6-9 seconds including the teat end.

NOTE: The ingredients used to soak the UKAL-TOWEL wipes are fast drying and do not require the use of a paper towel to dry teats prior to applying the milking unit.

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