Vetolice – 10L



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Vetolice is a pour-on insecticide solution used to control biting lice & horn flies on beef, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle.

  • Ready to use
  • Uses a maximum of 130 ml per adult animal
  • Approved for beef and dairy (lactating & non-lactating)
  • Easy measuring
  • Only 1 day slaughter withdrawal
  • No milk withdrawal

For Dairy Cattle, DO NOT use this product in combination with any other permethrin treatment.

For control of biting lice and horn flies on beef cattle and lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle. Apply 15 mL (1/2 fl. oz) per 45 kg (100 lb) body weight up to a maximum of 130 mL (4.4 fl. oz) for one animal. Pour along the back and down the face taking care to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth. Alternatively VETOLICE may be applied to the face with a cloth that is slightly moistened with the product.

DO NOT repeat treatment for at least 14 days. For control of lice, two treatments 14 days apart are recommended. Treatment must only be repeated after 14 days if pest problem persists or reoccurs. DO NOT apply more than 2 applications/animal/year. Leave a one day interval between last application and slaughter.