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Final Blox is effective on both rats and mice and works especially well to clean out persistent mouse infestations where control is difficult or resistance is suspected.


This rodent bait with Brodifacoum, causes internal bleeding by preventing clotting. Brodifacoum is a single feed bait where rats or mice can consume one feeding for a lethal dosage. Rodents will start dying in four to five days. Vitamin K1 is the antidote, which will heal clotting ability.


  • Bell formulates Final with more than 16 human food-grade, inert ingredients for flavor rats and mice can’t resist. When tested against other Brodifacoum baits on the market, this rodenticide is the preferred bait of rats and mice.
  • It is colored red for easy identification.
  • Final Blox comes in a distinctive cog shape and has just been reformulated for even greater palatability. This new formulation meets the EPA’s new stricter guidelines for single-feed anticoagulants.
  • The bait of choice in the pest control industry, Bell’s patented blox are manufactured from Bell’s unique extrusion process that yields a hard, multiple-edged bait with the palatability of a meal bait and the weatherability of a paraffinized bait.
  • The multiple edges appeal to a rodent’s desire to gnaw and blox are made with food-grade ingredients and small amounts of paraffin for a highly palatable bait.
  • Final Blox works well in any condition; wet or dry, indoors or out. A hole in the center of the Final Blox permits you to place it on bait securing rods in bait stations or nail or wire it in place


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