Shipping Terms and Conditions

At Pharmbarn, we primarily ship to locations in Ontario and do our best to ship to addressess outside of Ontario.

We offer freight shipping for our wholesale customers at carrier rates unless otherwise agreed to.

As a Health Canada accredited warehouse for animal pharmaceuticals, we are legally obligated to follow strict government guidelines when it comes to shipping and handling of the items that we sell.

Wholesale Shipping Rates

We try to negotiate the best shipping rates but we do encounter challenges with additional shipping and freight charges by carriers related to fuel surcharges and remoted addresses. We manually book deliveries and do not get a firm cost from the carrier until we contact them. For Wholesale orders on account, the shipping and freight charges are calculated at time the order is invoiced to your account not at the time of online order. Our complimentary delivery order thresholds are: $900 for standard addresses in Ontario, $1250 for long distance addresses in Eastern Ontario and $2000 for long distance remote addresses that carriers charge an additional surcharge.

Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

We follow all relevant protocols established with relation to ensuring that the pharmaceutical products that you order are treated with the utmost care. This necessitates our use of temperature-controlled carriers that are certified by Health Canada and allows us to be confident that your products arrive as expected. This is a regulation we comply with that will provide you with items in better condition than other types of shipping. We do pass on a portion of this premium shipping cost to you on smaller orders.

As of February 14th, 2020 we pass on $65 per skid of the ambient good temperature controlled shipment on to our customers.*


We require any purchaser of pesticides from us to have successfully completed the Grower Pesticide Safety Course for handling class 2 and class 3 pesticides. The pesticides must be handled with care.

Dangerous Goods

We do offer products that are defined as Dangerous Goods by the carriers that we use. For those products we pass on the surcharge to you as a clearly defined line item rate added to the shipping costs.

As of January 1st, 2024 we pass on $25 of the dangerous goods handling fee on to our customers.* We are not responsible for the handling of items after they are delivered and rely on your proper handling onsite to continue the proper care for the items we sell. Please let us know immediately if you suspect that the items you have ordered have been mishandled or have any other concerns with our shipping or handling methods.

*Rates may vary from the amount specified at anytime without notice and regardless of the rates specified on this page as they may be outdated.