Huwa-San 25% – 25kg


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Huwa-San25 is a broad spectrum disinfectant for all kinds of surfaces (floors, walls, tables,
pipe lines, and equipment’s…) and all other materials in the service industry, Food Farms,
Poultry, dairies, food processing including beverage, and bottled water industries.

* Disinfection of surfaces (Food Farms, processing areas, and Catering, equipment’s,
surfaces walls, tables,…)
First clean and rinse with water. Dilute 1 litre Huwa-San25 in 50 litres water. Sprinkle the
surfaces with diluted solution. Let interact for at least 20 minutes. Preferably let dry the
treated surfaces, do not rinse.
If the treated surfaces is still wet before use, dry with clean cloth or tissue, do not rinse.
* Disinfection of material
First clean and rinse with water. Dilute 1 litre Huwa-San 25 in 50 litres water. Submerge
the material in the diluted solution during at least 20 minutes.
Let dry, do not rinse.