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Premium Dried Bovine Colostrum

LambGro KidGro Colostrum™ is a premium colostrum supplement that prevents Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) of immunity for lambs and kids. Newborn lambs and kids should receive their first feeding of LambGro KidGro Colostrum™ as soon after birth as possible, and no later than 6 hours of age. For optimal results, 3 feedings should be delivered in the first 18 hours of life.

Product highlights and recommendations

  • To supplement or replace ewe/doe colostrum when quality or quantity is inadequate.
  • Supplement to help newborn lambs and kids survive and thrive when unable to suckle, such as in multiple births, first pregnancy, or when born to sick or weak ewes/does.
  • To maintain body temperature and prevent infection for lambs and kids.
  • Undersized, weak, or stressed lambs and kids may also benefit from continued feeding of LambGro KidGro Colostrum™ beyond the first day of age.

Mixing directions

Using a whisk, mix 1 part powder into 2 parts water (43 to 49oC). Feed the mixed colostrum at 15% of the lamb or kid’s body weight divided into 3 feedings within 18 hours of birth. It is very important to use hot water and mix vigorously, because the high levels of natural fat and proteins required for young lambs and kids can be difficult to break down and disperse evenly.


Store out of direct sunlight in a dry location at or below 25oC. The mixed colostrum can be stored refrigerated for up to 72 hours and should be warmed to 40oC by immersing in water (50 to 55oC) prior to feeding. Do not microwave.

Lamb & kid feeding chart – recommended 3 feedings per lamb in first 18 hours

Lamb/Kid goat weight Powder per feeding Water per feeding Total volume per feeding Number of meals in 18 hours
kg lb grams approx scoops* mL mL
2.0 4.4 20 1 73 93 3
3.0 6.6 30 1.5 110 140 3
4.0 8.8 40 2 150 190 3
5.0 11 50 2.5 190 240 3
6.0 13.2 60 3 225 285 3

*All product must be weighed

LambGro KidGro Colostrum™ is guaranteed to contain ≥14% IgG bovine dried colostrum.

Equivalent to 7 – 700gr packages