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Mosquito Barrier Canada’s Premier Mosquito & Tick Repellent For Grassy Areas: Yards, Parks, Athletic Fields, Cottages and Golf Courses.

Just one spraying of all natural, liquid garlic juice-based Mosquito Barrier will keep mosquitoes & ticks out of your yard and away from your home and family, 24 hours a day for nearly a month. Mosquitoes & ticks can’t tolerate garlic – that’s why there are no mosquitoes in a garlic field!

How it works: When you initially spray Mosquito Barrier it repels the mosquitoes & ticks. It is applied to the leaf surface of grass, ornamentals and lower leaves of the trees. The natural sulfur contained in garlic juice repels mosquitoes & ticks from the area by this juice. It also prevents entry of any neighboring mosquitoes & ticks that may consider wandering in from next door. Within minutes the Mosquito Barrier is odourless to humans, but not to these pests. A mosquito’s sense of smell is about 10,000 times better than humans and the mosquitoes are able to locate humans because they detect the carbon dioxide given off by us. Mosquito Barrier masks the carbon dioxide odour while also triggering a defence warning to them that this is not a good area to be in. If they can’t find you, they can’t bite you and they fly elsewhere.

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