Teat Dialators – 40/PKG


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Dr. Naylor Teat Dilators offers soft, comfortable protection to the injured teat canal lining, keeping the streak canal open while the tissues heal. Indicated as a aid in the treatment of sore, injured or hard-to-milk teats. Teat Dilators assist in preventing scar tissue obstructions during the healing phase. Teat Dilators promote milking and natural healing in dairy cattle, goats and sheep.

Key Features:

-No withholding time of milk

-No antibiotics

-Easy to insert

-Stays in the teat

Dosage and Administration:

Thoroughly cleanse the end of the teat with soap and water. Disinfect with a mild antiseptic or dairy disinfectant solution. Insert the Dr. Naylor Dilator in the teat and allow it to remain there until the next milking.

At the next milking, remove the dilator and discard it. Discard the first few streams of milk in a strip cup, then milk out the quarter. Clean and disinfect the end of the teat each time before inserting the dilator, and use a new Dr. Naylor Dilator for each insertion.

Keep a Dr. Naylor Dilator in the teat between milkings until the teat milks freely by hand.

Thoroughly clean the udder and teats before milking. Do not remove the cylinder from the box. Keep the lid on.

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