Ultra DFM 3.92KG


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The evolution of Canada’s original probiotic has arrived.

A complete rumen support supplement designed to help support the immune system and assist with gastrointestinal support during times of environmental stress such as temperature changes.

  • Available in two sizes for your convenience:
    3.92 kg, 20 kg

4 Key Features:

  1. Live yeast, to reduce metabolic disorders like ketosis in transition cows, and increase milk production through the most stressful period of life

  2. Prebiotic, to bind toxins and provide nutrients for good bacteria to proliferate

  3. Lactobacillus cultures, to balance the pH of the rumen, to prevent subacute acidosis, leaky gut syndrome, and populate the rumen with beneficial bacteria

  4. Bacillus cultures, provide essential enzymes to breakdown foodstuffs including starches for better feed conversions, nutrient uptake, and daily weight gain