Revolver – 7KG




Revolver® Soft Bait kills rodents starting 4-5 days after they have consumed a lethal dose, making it your solution when rotating to a bromadiolone rodenticide in your biosecurity rodent control program. Made with grains and oils, Revolver’s soft bait pouches can be secured like conventional blocks in bait stations or placed directly in tight, hard-to-reach places where rodents live and blocks won’t fit.

          Product Details

  • Soft bait formulation can be used in hot or cold environments.
  • Rodents find Revolver Soft Bait palatable, allowing users to bring infestations under control.
  • Formulated with bromadiolone (50 ppm).
  • Easy-to-secure 12g (0.42 oz.) pouches let users determine the amount of bait needed (within the range provided on the label) to control the targeted rodents.