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Virkon™ is a disinfectant, possessing wide spectrum virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal activity. The effectiveness of Virkon™ is further enhanced by its excellent detergent properties, so that clean disease-free surfaces can be achieved. Virkon™ is unique in its composition. Its activity is based on a buffered synergized acid peroxygen system containing a high percentage of surfactant. Virkon™ can be used on all surfaces and in all situations. Once diluted in a 1% solution, Virkon™ is of low toxicity, non-tainting, and non-irritant. Because of its high detergency and mode of action, Virkon™ can be used in an exceptional variety of situations for effective cleaning and virucidal disinfection in a single operation. Virkon™ can be applied manually or through all types of cleaning and spraying equipment. Readily soluble in lukewarm water giving a clear pink solution. Virkon™ consists mainly of inorganic salts.

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