Synergize – 3.78L (Dangerous Goods)


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Synergize is a multi-purpose quaternary ammonium/glutaraldehyde disinfectant specially designed to tackle real-world conditions in animal production environments. Its comprehensive range of applications includes but is not limited to animal production housing facilities, transportation vehicles, fogging applications, and boot baths. Synergize cleaner-disinfectant is specifically formulated for industrial use in the following Animal and Poultry Housing facilities: Turkey, Breeder, Grow Out, Fryer, Layer, Hatcheries and Swine Producing Facilities as well as the following equipment in these facilities: Waterers, Feeders, Hauling Equipment, Loading Equipment, Farrowing Barns, Nurseries, Blocks, Creep Areas, and Chutes. This product is also for use in Farm Premise, Equine Facilities, Veal Barns, Ratite Facilities (Ostrich, Emu and Rhea Facilities), Calf Pens and associated Farm Vehicles.

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